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  •  Assistance sourcing an architect or engineer for your project.   
  •  Inspection of the current site and/or structure for existing conditions that may affect the future design or construction costs.
  •  Forecast of possible change orders due to concealed conditions, age of the structure, etc. and budget planning.
  •  Identification of other necessary repairs or modifications which would be best tackled concurrently with your planned project, work with you to establish realistic budgets and schedules.
  •  Determine the bottom line in terms of budget vs. feasibility. Essentially, what can and can’t be done within the allocated budget.
  •  Review all costs with you and their impact on the project prior to making a decision at each stage of development.
  •  Review and select architect, subcontractors, vendors, and supplies as they are required.
  •  Facilitate the communication between the architect, subcontractors, vendors, and you to prevent potential problems.
  •   Ensure successful completion of the project within the predetermined budget and schedule.
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